JENNY EVANS CD "Even Without You" LC 4535, release May 2020

Jenny Evans (vocals, song writer)
Geoff Goodman (electric guitar)
Alexander Haas (acoustic &12 string guitar)
Anna Rehker (cello)
Márcio Tubino (sax, flute, percussion)
Even Without You

For the English jazz vocalist and actress Jenny Evans words are very important. In her new project “Even Without You” in which she writes all the music and lyrics she has approached a new genre: adult pop. She lays bare her artistic soul and sings about love, sorrow, passion and loss – poetically and humorously. Her music is based on jazz, blues, funk and has LatinAmerican and Oriental rhythms to move her audience's heart. Together with Alexander Haas she has arranged the songs in a minimalist way for guitar and cello sometimes with flute, sometimes with saxophone, sometimes with percussion so that the lyrics and their meaning come into their own. She is thrilled to be able to perform her works with musicians who are on her wavelength - Anna Rehker, cello and Alexander Haas, guitar as a trio and with Geoff Goodman, lead guitar and Márcio Tubino, reeds and percussion as quartet or quintet, as the case may be – musically refined, passionate and... with a sense of humour.


JENNY EVANS CD "Be What You Want To" EC 570-2, release 4.11.2016

Jenny Evans (voc)
Matthias Bublath (wurlitzer, accordion)
John Paiva (g, voc)
Stephan Eppinger (b, voc)
Otto Staniloi (tenor, sopran, bclar)
Manfred Mildenberger (dr)
Be What You Want To

When Jenny Evans after thirty years started to work on songs by British blues, rock and pop musicians for the 60s, 70s and 80s she was surprised how much musicianship and jazz could be heard. On her new CD "Be What You Want To" (Edition Collage) Jenny Evans sings in her own individual, jazzy way songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Jethro Tull, Sting and The Euythmics. Jenny also sings two of her own songs "Be What You Want To" and "Star Song". With great musicians like John Paiva on guitar and vocals, Otto Staniloi, sax and bass clarinet, Stephan Eppinger, bass and vocals, Matthias Bublath, wurlitzer and accordion and drummer Manfred Mildenberger Jenny Evans has once again shown that she always is what she wants to.

JENNY EVANS CD "The Four Seasons Of Love" PR-10, release 4.11.2011

Jenny Evans (voc)
Paulo Morello (g)
Sven Faller (b)
Felix Sapotnik (sax, cl, fl)
The Four Seasons Of Love

The English singer Jenny Evans has, for many years now, been regarded as one the leading jazz vocalists in Europe.When guitar player Paulo Morello played her one of his melodies a while back it was the start of a new musical project. Without further ado Jenny wrote lyrics to the tune, calling the song Like A Breath of Spring and this gave rise to a whole new programme with songs inspired by the four seasons of the year. For this project the vocalist presents a New Trio feat. Paulo Morello (guitar), Sven Faller (bass) and Felix Sapotnik (saxophones, clarinets, flute). Jazz standards like Estate, Early Autumn and Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most find themselves in the company of classical melodies by Erik Satie and Thomas Morely; a sonette by Shakespeare - Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day � is complemented by European compositions like The Summer Wind and Michel Legrands The Summer Knows as well as one of Kurt Weill's American hits, September Song. Paulo Morello has written a theme song specially for this project: The Four Seasons Of Love to which Jenny Evans wrote the lyrics.